A powerful partnership offers better energy monitoring for Australia

As the Australian distributor for Smappee’s cloud-based energy monitoring and smart control solutions, Vista Power Technologies is pleased to partner with Your Energy Partner – one of the country’s leading solar brokers – as an Approved Smappee Solution Provider.

“Your Energy Partner went over all the monitoring products in the market to look at what could best suit their clients’ needs” said CEO and founder Jamie Marciniak. “We wanted to offer something really special to our clients for choosing Your Energy Partner.”

Smappee’s highly innovative solution will allow Your Energy Partner to provide a value-add to their clients, with the provision of a full energy monitoring package to help them track their solar-generated savings. This includes ways they may be able to further reduce their bills and monitor the performance of their solar panels (and when to clean them).

“Our goal is to provide end-users with valuable insights into their energy consumption and production, allowing them to take control of their energy,” said Managing Director at Vista Power Technologies Sam Frost.

By combining solar power, smart energy monitoring and the right electricity retailer – along with other smart energy technologies – consumers are a step closer to wiping out their electricity costs with the potential to generate revenue. Your Energy Partner will commence offering this product with every installation for the month of July for selected packages.

The goal moving forward is to develop a strong partnership in delivering accurately monitored renewable solutions that bring consumers closer to fully understanding how they interact with energy in their homes and businesses.

Smappee offers two core ranges for monitoring and control of electricity:

  • The (Home) Energy Monitor: A plug-and-play solution to suit any single-phase home and solar system application. This system is affordable and provides overall monitoring and reporting on import, export, production, and consumption of a home’s electricity. Learn more here.


  • The Infinity system: A high-end energy monitoring solution providing advanced power monitoring and control functionality even allowing users to automate when devices and appliances operate based on the energy generated and consumed. This system is suited to three-phase or high energy-consuming homes and commercial facilities. Learn more here.


By choosing certain add-ons and accessories, both systems provide the ability to integrate with other smart home devices, control appliances, and monitor water and gas consumption.

Interactions with other Smart Home Devices are possible via the IFTTT platform. For example, when the export is above 3kW, turn down the A/C temperature by 2 degrees.

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