Loanpal adds Aptos Solar Technology PV modules to vendor list

Module supplier Aptos Solar Technology‘s complete line of solar panels has been added to Loanpal’s approved vendor list. This new partnership will let solar installers across the United States offer Aptos solar panels with competitive financing options to residential customers.

“Our partnership with Loanpal comes at a critical time, as many American’s are seeking energy independence. We want to make high-performance solar technology accessible and the ability to offer financing will help facilitate our mission,” said Frank Pham, CEO & co-founder of Aptos Solar Technology.

Aptos’ line of residential solar panels features an all-black design and patented “Dual Nano Absorber” technology that allows the panel to operate at high efficiencies in extreme temperature environments. This line of high-performance solar panels is ideal for homeowners seeking reliable and affordable clean energy solutions.

“We are excited to see the demand for our line of solar panels in the market. Our partnership with Loanpal is timely, as our team has cultivated strong relationships with key distribution partners such as iSolar Brokers and others that will offer our line of innovative and cost-effective panels to its network of installation partners,” said Alex Kim, CFO and co-founder of Aptos Solar Technology.

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