4 Misconceptions about Solar Panels

Back in the day when solar powered technology emerged in the world, there were all kinds opinions positive, negative, the ‘we don’t know and we don’t care’ opinion, the ‘solar power is an expensive investment’ opinion and so on and so forth!

For those of us who have never been introduced to the concept of solar let us start some basics.


A solar panel is a ‘plate structure’ that receives sun light. The rays from the sun fall on these panels. Solar panels have solar cells. These cells called photovoltaic cells convert the sun light energy to electricity that we can use to run our appliances. Simple right? That is all there is to it.

With this simple understanding let us go ahead and remove those misconceptions!

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There is no denying that solar panels are expensive and so I wouldn’t call it a myth per say but what most people don’t know is that the amount of money we really spend on buying a solar panel and setting up a solar system at our homes is a onetime investment and nowadays you can even get solar panels, inverters and batteries on EMI. So it doesn’t weigh heavy on your pocket. Imagine getting free electricity for the next 25 years! And getting your money back in approximately 7 to 10 years! So that clearly makes this theory null and void.


Yeah you read that right! It’s a common misunderstanding that people believe that there must be sun ‘always’ available for my solar panels to work. And in areas where it’s not sunny putting up a solar system is practically useless. That is not entirely true. Solar panels do work even in cloudy days, days where we receive less sunlight and mostly all the time before sunset.

Although its output energy generation may reduce during different times of the day but remember you have batteries to store the excess electricity collected during the day so you never really run out of power!


Most people think that it’s all one big scheme of events of tapping into the alternate sources of energy generation to save the planet but in fact it’s of no use since renewable sources of energy like the solar power is not enough to light up our whole house. So why bother? but in fact solar energy is by far the most attractive, efficient and reliable way to light up your entire house! Believe it or not there are metro stations, malls and schools that entirely run on solar. So I guess our homes are well covered!


Can you guess how long a solar panel will last? Just guess. 5 years? 10 years? A solar panel is no ordinary device. Where most people go wrong is that they are not able to imagine or perceive how worthy is the investment on a solar panel. It’s easy to believe that it’s all just conventional and well simply vanilla! Nothing exceptional about it! It wouldn’t light up my house it would last long!

Little information here! This solar panel that you are paying for that will provide you will free electricity for decades is probably one of the strongest and most durable structures that will last you a minimum of 25 years.

Don’t believe me? Just call your nearest dealer and ask! Most people are not able to imagine that installing a solar panel is long term investment actually a life time investment and these structures.

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