Moving house? Here’s what you need to know about your utilities

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it a thousand times or this is your first shot at it – moving house is always a stressful time. Your to-do list never seems to stop growing, and there are endless things to arrange. And then dealing with the connection of your utilities and deciding what provider to even opt for. Oh, the perils of gas and electricity – where do you even start?

How to connect utilities when relocating

When moving, you’ll need to consider what retailer you’d like to go with for your gas and electricity. In some cases, you might have a solar power system installed, which will impact this decision – or you may be looking to get one in yourself. Either way, when you’re up to the stay of arranging a connection, you will face the following questions:

  • Is there clear access to electricity and gas meters on your new property? This is required for the technician to come and read your usage and also to solidify the connection.
  • What date will you require your gas and electricity to be turned on?
  • Do you need assistance disconnecting your old connections from the home you’re moving out of?
  • Is this the first time your new property is being connected to utilities?

In some cases, extra technical work may be required to connect utilities to specific properties, especially if they haven’t been lived in before or for a significant amount of time. Your energy provider will be able to tell you if these circumstances are something you’ll be required to deal with and will support you through the steps necessary.

Some houses are already connected to energy networks, which means that the retailer only needs to create an account on their end for you, or you may be able to complete the process online through their website.

As always, make sure you confirm your moving date with your provider to ensure that everything is set up when you need it to be. There’s nothing worse than having no hot water or lighting when you’ve finally settled into your new place.


A handy checklist for connecting gas and electricity

So what exactly do you need to do when you’re on the move? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Get in touch with your retailer to organise connection dates for your new location;
  • If power is disconnected at your new place, make sure the fuse box is turned off at the main switch. This is required in order for the connection to be made;
  • Organise a disconnection for your old address and let the retailer know what date you’ll be moving out. You’ll need to arrange a final reading for your meter, and the retailer will then send out your last bill;
  • If you lived with others, make sure that you organise who will take on the bill moving forward and transfer the account into their name (if they are continuing the agreement);
  • Make a note of all meter readings in your new home so you can check it against your first bill when it arrives.

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