Northwestern University signs up for almost 12 MW of Illinois community solar

Northwestern University has signed up for 11.9 MW of Clearway’s community solar projects in Illinois, the first major commercial subscriber to subscribe to the group’s new portfolio.

Northwestern’s long-term commitment will support the development and construction of 16 of Clearway’s community solar projects in Illinois. The agreement also represents a significant step towards bringing green jobs and clean, renewable energy to Illinois. The partnership also supports Northwestern’s commitment to provide hands-on experiential learning enabling students to engage with and study the physical solar systems and grow as leaders in sustainability.

“We are excited to announce this partnership and long-term community solar agreement with Northwestern University,” said Craig Cornelius, CEO of Clearway Energy Group. “Partnerships like these are a welcome reminder that, even amidst the challenges overshadowing our communities today, our country’s institutions and citizens can keep making progress toward building a sustainable energy mix and maintaining a livable climate. Northwestern’s long-term commitment gives Clearway the financial certainty to move these solar farms from concept to reality. It will be commitments like these that collectively serve to prevent future crises and ensure that today’s Northwestern students — and those for generations to come — inherit a thriving clean energy economy.”

“This strategic partnership underscores Northwestern’s commitment to sustainability and supports Illinois’ transition to a greener economy,” said Craig Johnson, senior VP for business and finance at Northwestern. “We remain committed to achieving the greatest impact by supporting research, integrating sustainability into our culture and campus operations, and creating partnerships like this one that focus on renewable energy and climate change mitigation. From our innovative research, to our engaged students, to our progress in reducing the University’s carbon footprint, we strive to seek new and more sustainable ways to carry out our mission and ensure the environment remains a priority.”

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