Solar Accessories Price in India 2021

If you are planning to install a solar panel system then there are other accessories as well that you need to buy along with solar panels. These are GI Structure, DC Cable, Connectors, ACDB & DCDB Boxes, etc.

In the video, I’ve shared the latest 2021 prices of all solar accessories. Also, I’ve shown a solar street light in the video.

Solar GI Structure Price 2021

Solar GI Structure is used to mount solar panels. It is advised to use Galvanized Iron structure as it is rust free. Yu can choose the GI structure as per your requirement. Price of 3 panel Jindal Steel GI structure is Rs 2000 in India.

Solar Panel MC4 Connectors Price 2021

MC4 connectors are used connect multiple solar panels in series or parallel connection. Solar experts suggest to use MC4 connectors to avoid current loss. MC4 connectors start from 1-in-1-out and goes up to 1-in-6-out. The price of these MC4 connectors start from Rs 40 and goes up to Rs 1100 depending on the type that you want.

Solar DC Cable Price 2021

If you are planning to buy solar panels for your home then you must keep this in mind that for better performance, solar panels require DC cable. DC Cable size starts from 2.5 mm to up to 16 mm for household solar panel system. The prices of different sizes are shown in the video above.

Solar ACDB & DCDB Price 2021

Solar ACDB & DCDB device are used with on-grid inverters. The price of 5KW ACDB Box is Rs 2100 and 5KW DCDB Box is Rs 4000.

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