Best Solar Mobile Chargers in India 2023

What helps if the cell phone battery runs out on the go? Power banks. But at some point, they are empty too. The everlasting alternative is solar mobile chargers. We have tested various solar mobile chargers and solar power banks. Our test shows: If you want to get a reasonable amount of electricity on your excursion in nature, you’d better use a solar mobile charger.

Unlike solar power banks, mobile chargers do not store the electricity themselves, but are significantly larger and charge USB devices faster. The most powerful solar mobile charger in the test took around three hours to fully charge a mid-range cell phone. In addition, power banks warm up noticeably in the sun – this certainly does not have a positive effect on the durability of the battery.

Difference Between Solar Power Bank and Solar Mobile Charger

  • Solar power bank: A so-called “solar power bank” is primarily a normal power bank with an integrated, small solar module. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this article: Best Solar Power Bank
  • Solar mobile charger: A solar mobile charger, on the other hand, has no integrated power bank (read: no battery or rechargeable battery) and therefore cannot store the electricity itself. However, such a solar charger produces significantly more electricity than a solar power bank and can easily charge your USB devices such as cell phones, tablets, cameras or an external battery.

Best Solar Mobile Charger in India 2022 – Updated List

1. IFITech® 6W Solar Semi Flexible Portable USB Outdoor Charger for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus Smartphone, Gopro Camera, GPS and Tablets

Specifications & Features:

  • Light weight, semi flexible 6w carry along panel with 1 usb output, works for both cellphones as well as for tablets. Quick charging current and charge all types of devices through sun.
  • Innovative designed, with no glass or aluminum casing. Versatile 6w very light solar panel. Great for outdoor using. •
  • Compatible with most kinds of 5V USB-charged devices. Stylish, compact and lightweight design fits perfectly into any bag, easy to carry on the go. ( 2 hole to hook or stick it to window using rubber suction cups).
  • Lightweight, super thin and tough for harshest all weather environment. Flexi Solar cells and microchips, high quality and long lifespan > 20 years. More than 10000 charge cycles during the course of its life.
  • High-efficiency Crystalline cell for maximum power output. Rain, shock, drop proof – Great companion for hiking, camping, traveling, and flights. With 2 grommet finished holes for for easy fixing
  • Buy only from IFITech or IFIHomes for quality and genuine product, stay away from duplicates and imitations

2. AG Enterprises Mini Solar Charger Specially Designed for Mobile Charging

Specifications & Features:

  • Multi-protective circuit design, it acts as a safeguard to give a better-than-ever protection for your mobile devices in all-around ways, reassuring you a satisfied and safe charging experience
  • Fast charging from AC Adaptor and slow charging from sunlight, shadow of sunlight or any type of light
  • Charging from sun light, shadow of sunlight (Solar Panel is only for top up of the battery) and mainly charging from 5V AC Adapter, 20000 mAh High Performance
  • Easy to carry in pocket, Light Weight and Easy to carry around, Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry TM, Nokia TM, iPad, Digital Cameras
  • One Year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

3. D.Light S300 Solar Light and Mobile Charger

Specifications & Features:

  • Light and mobile charging in 1 device
  • Up to 100 hours of light
  • Greater than 10 x brighter than kerosene lanterns
  • 4 Brightness settings
  • Build in perform in extreme conditions
  • Best performing Lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) battery (life greater than 5yrs)
  • Dual charging (Solar and AC)

Solar Mobile Charger Buying Guide

5 tips on what to look for when buying a solar mobile charger:

1. Small size & light weight

Small, light and robust. These are the most important criteria when it comes to your equipment for the outdoor area. After all, you carry the equipment yourself and especially when hiking, often for several hours at a time.

Nevertheless, the size of the charger is of course strongly related to the performance. Therefore, it is particularly important that you pay attention to the purpose for which you want to use the device.

2. High performance, efficiency and the right voltage

Power: Almost all manufacturers now use highly efficient solar technologies with high performance and 20% cell efficiency and more. The module performance required depends in particular on your needs and how many devices you want to charge and in what period.

Tension: All of the solar panels presented here have a voltage of 5 volts. This voltage corresponds to the normal USB output voltage. With this output voltage, all common smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, power banks and also some travel laptops can be charged up well.

3. Fastening options

It is particularly important that you can easily attach the solar charger to your backpack or bag. Carabiners are particularly practical for outdoor activities.

Most of the models presented here already include carabiners, suction buttons, hooks or other fastening systems.

4. Connectivity

Without the correct USB connection, you cannot connect your smartphone, camera and power bank to the panel.

Therefore, when purchasing, it is worthwhile to ensure that the adapter is ideally supplied by the manufacturer. If this is not the case, there is also a large and inexpensive selection of corresponding USB cables on the Internet.

Normally, solar chargers have a USB or mini USB connection and are therefore compatible with most devices.

5. Fair price-performance ratio

Quality comes at a price, and that’s no different with solar modules. It is therefore important that the products are worth their money and above all that they are durable, robust and of high quality.

Advantages of Solar Mobile Chargers

  • portable power source
  • extremely practical when traveling and in nature
  • suitable for all devices with USB connection
  • water resistant & weather resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • saves electricity costs
  • foldable
  • easy to combine with battery and power bank

Disadvantages of Solar Mobile Chargers

  • additional luggage and weight
  • cannot store energy, requires an external power bank
  • not usable in bad or cloudy weather

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Mobile Chargers – FAQs

How does a solar mobile charger work?

Solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly and long-lasting forms of energy! The technology behind it is awesome. A solar system, also called a photovoltaic system, PV system, solar module or solar panel, consists of individual solar cells that convert sunlight directly into electrical current. This generated energy can then easily be used on the go. Either devices such as cell phones, tablets or cameras can be charged directly from the solar system, or an energy storage device – i.e. an external power bank or battery pack.

Can I use a solar mobile charger even in bad weather?

Even if the efficiency of solar panels has increased significantly in recent years, the sensible use of solar energy is only possible in good or slightly cloudy weather. In order to be able to charge your devices quickly, the solar charger ideally needs direct sunshine! The less sun, the longer it takes to charge.

Solar power bank or solar mobile charger?

The answer to this depends on your activities and preferences. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or as a backpacker with a backpack far from the nearest socket? Then a solar charger is ideal because it can fill up with solar energy during the day and charge a power bank or directly on your end devices. However, if you need mobile and robust energy storage that you can recharge in between, a solar power bank is particularly suitable for outdoor purposes.


There are some very good solar mobile chargers on the market, but as so often, the difference is in the details. We hope that our guide to the best solar mobile chargers has helped you! Do you have any questions about the chargers? We look forward to your comment!

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