Trina Solar believes its oversized, third-cut-cell modules pave the way for 600-W solar panels


Trina Solar has published a technology white paper on its previously announced 500-W bifacial Vertex solar panels.

According to the white paper, the technology behind the Vertex holds great potential for realizing 600-W and higher power outputs based on its product design and manufacturing.

Trina Solar is using a third-cut solar cell using oversized 210-mm wafers (the largest common wafers in the industry now are “M6” at 166-mm). The module also uses five columns of 30-third-cut cells connected with multiple busbars. The Vertex module is wider and longer than traditional 72-cell modules.

To effectively improve product reliability, the Trina Solar R&D team has found several solutions to optimize hot-spot prevention and mechanical load performance. The Vertex has successfully passed a hot-spot durability test in accordance with IEC 61215 standards.

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