What is Geothermal Energy?

You have heard of solar power, wind power and water power through turbines built into dams, but have you heard of geothermal energy? Geothermal Energy is another form of renewable energy and it involves the heat being generated by the earth itself. It has a number of applications when it comes to household and business … Read more

What Our Electricity Network Infrastructure Will Look Like In The Future?

The way we use and consume electricity has experienced a dramatic change in the last decade, and there have been many teething pains along the way. For over 100 years, since the commercial distribution of electric power started in 1882 for lighting in homes, we have operated on a centralised system that fed electricity one … Read more

Bifacial-Ready Single-Axis Solar Tracker


Soltec, a global manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers, has unveiled its new SF8 tracker. The SF8 has a new minimum 2-by-60 panel configuration and a 4 to 6-string module connection. “We think our SF8 will revolutionize the solar tracking market. Its 2 by 60 minimum configuration will not only reduce installation and maintenance … Read more

Exploring Solaria PowerXT Solar Panels: Technology and Advantages

Solaria designs, develops and sells high-performance, high-efficiency solar panels and systems for residential and commercial applications. Founded in 2000, Solaria was one of the early innovators of next-generation “shingled” solar panels, a groundbreaking technology in which cells are cut, overlapped (shingled), and more densely packed into the panel. This allows for a substantially higher-power, higher-efficiency … Read more

Solar power to deliver cheap energy for social housing

South Australia is set to roll out support for social housing residents in the form of cheaper electricity, on behalf of the state government. In collaboration with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Government will streamline an expansion on a project headed by Tesla for installations across Housing … Read more