This Solar Home in UP Plans to ‘Sell Electricity’ to the Government Through Grid Tie Solar Installation

Sell Electricity to the Government

Why an On-Grid System Over an Off-Grid Solar System? Mr. Ravi Kumar lives in Ghaziabad city in the state of UP. About a year back, Ravi had installed an inverter battery system in his home since the area that he lives in experienced frequent power cuts. But Ravi and his family faced too many issues … Read more

18th December – Electricity Conservation Day – 5 solar installations in India to take inspiration from!

18th December - Electricity Conservation Day

18th December – a day celebrated as the Electricity Conservation Day is finally here and thankfully, people do realize the importance that electricity holds in our lives these days. Globally, ample measures are being taken in order to conserve electricity and switch to alternate sources of energy for electricity generation. In India too, more and more … Read more

How An Off-Grid Solar PV Power System Works In India

Off-Grid Solar System

Installing an off-grid system has become the number one priority for most of us living in some remote parts of the world. This is because it completely reduces our dependency on the grid thereby fulfilling our power requirements entirely through solar power. If you want to install an off-grid system at your place this article … Read more

4 Misconceptions about Solar Panels

Miconceptions about Solar Panels

Back in the day when solar powered technology emerged in the world, there were all kinds opinions positive, negative, the ‘we don’t know and we don’t care’ opinion, the ‘solar power is an expensive investment’ opinion and so on and so forth! For those of us who have never been introduced to the concept of … Read more