Lead-acid Battery Vs Lithium-ion Battery

Lead Acid Vs Lithium

Solar panel projects have always used lead-acid batteries, but in recent times, lithium-ionbatteries have become more popular in the market. In the coming times, it is possible that sales of lithium batteries may exceed lead-acid batteries. In such a scenario, many people may wonder which battery to choose. Lead-acid or Lithium-ion? You have to answer … Read more

Solar Panel Manufacturing Process

Solar Panel Manufacturing Process

The demand for solar panels is constantly increasing year-on-year. While some companies follow a manual approach to manufacturing a solar panel, others just want to keep it automated to not compromise the quality. In this article, we’ve mentioned everything about the solar panel manufacturing process. From the raw material required to the machines and the … Read more

Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Battery is one of the fastest-growing battery brands in India. They’ve 40+ years of experience in the industry. Massimo brand is known to provide upto 100 months of warranty on some of their battery models. This makes Massimo one of the longest warranty providers in India. Massimo Battery Company History Massimo is a brand … Read more

Flexible Solar Panels – All You Need To Know

Flexible Solar Panels

We’ve seen great technological advancements in solar technology in the past couple of years. At present, there are different types of solar panels that one can use. One of these types is Flexible Solar Panels. Flexible solar panels are actually nothing new under the sun, but they were always much more expensive and much more … Read more

Top 10 Best Solar YouTube Channels 2023

Solar YouTube Channel

Solar energy is going to be the primary source of energy all over the world in the upcoming years. People are benefitting from it in every sector. This will also have a positive impact on the environment and climate change. Thanks to the advent of technology, solar energy and solar equipment videos are just a … Read more