Loom Solar Shark 440 Review & Price

Loom Solar Shark 440

Loom Solar Shark 440 is a super high efficiency Mono Perc solar panel. It is a half cut solar panel which has 144 solar cells. Half-cut solar cells are cut in half using a laser cutter to get improved performance and durability. The advantage that Loom Solar Shark 440 has over other half cut solar … Read more

Solar Accessories Price in India 2021

Solar Accessories Prices

If you are planning to install a solar panel system then there are other accessories as well that you need to buy along with solar panels. These are GI Structure, DC Cable, Connectors, ACDB & DCDB Boxes, etc. In the video, I’ve shared the latest 2021 prices of all solar accessories. Also, I’ve shown a … Read more

SEIA challenges PURPA changes that could discourage solar development


Yesterday the Solar Energy Industries Association filed a petition for review with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of FERC Order No. 872, which unlawfully discourages the development of qualifying facilities (QF) under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA). The order eliminates the right of QFs to enter long-term, fixed-rate contracts and arbitrarily extends … Read more

National Grid selects EnergyHub software to manage distributed C&I energy resources


National Grid is now managing commercial and industrial (C&I) demand response through EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform, extending a multi-DER portfolio that includes thermostats and residential batteries. With EnergyHub, National Grid can rely on a single platform to manage multiple classes of DERs to provide critical grid services. EnergyHub provides National Grid with enrollment, forecast-based dispatch … Read more

It’s getting hot in here: What is geothermal energy?

You have heard of solar power, wind power and water power through turbines built into dams, but have you heard of geothermal energy? This is another form of renewable energy and it involves the heat being generated by the earth itself. It has a number of applications when it comes to household and business electricity … Read more