Solar Street Light – Price, Advantages & Disadvantages

Solar Street Lights

While growing up, we all have seen street lights. They run on electricity from grid. But as time is changing and solar energy is getting generalized, solar street lights are getting popular day by day. Solar street light has a solar panel, a battery and an automatic system that turns it on during the night … Read more

Best Solar Power Banks in India 2024

Solar Power Banks

A solar power bank with an integrated solar cell that can charge itself on the go with electricity sounds awesome at first. It could be the rescue for all energy-hungry outdoor fans who still need full batteries for cameras or smartphones during their time in nature. But what are the solar power banks really good for? Are you really … Read more

Best Solar Water Heaters in India 2024

Best Solar Water Heaters

Are you looking for the best solar water heaters? If your answer is yes, there are many things that you will need to consider. Solar water heaters are devices used to heat water by absorbing energy and heat from the sun and directing it into the water. These are great ways to not only reduce your electricity … Read more

Best Solar Fan in India 2024

Best Solar Fans

If your electricity bills keep going up in the summer and your house doesn’t seem to be getting more comfortable then an accumulation of warm, humid air in your rooms could be responsible. A solar fan can circulate this air, keeping your home cooler without costing you a dime in additional electricity costs. When the … Read more

Best Solar Mobile Chargers in India 2024

Best Solar Mobile Chargers

What helps if the cell phone battery runs out on the go? Power banks. But at some point, they are empty too. The everlasting alternative is solar mobile chargers. We have tested various solar mobile chargers and solar power banks. Our test shows: If you want to get a reasonable amount of electricity on your excursion in nature, you’d better … Read more