The biggest solar myths busted

There’s a lot of conversation and controversy around renewable energy, especially as the climate crisis continues to expand. But the innovations and advancements in the industry have also been tenfold, powering up new opportunities for the global market.

However, separating the truth from the myths is half the challenge, and we commonly hear misconceptions about how solar energy really operates. So what are the actual benefits, what can you expect and what’s plain misinformation?

In this post, we tackle your biggest solar myths and squash those that aren’t so accurate.

Myth: Solar panels need continuous sunlight to operate

Modern designs mean that panels don’t need direct sunlight right around the clock, in order to keep working. Overall, systems use natural daylight that’s then converted into electricity by panels. The heat from the sun doesn’t actually affect the overall production – so indirect light also works.

Because of battery storage technology, excess electricity can also be stored for use after peak periods of daylight, so panels work even when they’re not absorbing energy from the sun.


Myth: Installing solar panels is expensive

The Australian Government has made quite a few commitments recently to reach zero net carbon emissions and meet new energy renewable targets. This means that solar panel systems have become more competitively priced and available through rebates or incentives.

Years ago, an array would have cost you a lot more, but you can get three free quotes on the best solution for your property and have it pay off your costs in the long-run through the amount saved on your electricity bills.

See current rebates for home solar installations here.


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Myth: Panels take a lot of maintenance to deal with

Firstly, systems like this still require upkeep – just like any kind of technology – but not as much as people think. Mostly, they just need a good clean and service every couple of years to keep them in the best working order.

Cleaning them makes sure you’re getting the most energy possible and maximises efficiency across the board. Think of a panel like a car – it runs better when it’s received a bit of love and attention.


Myth: As soon as you get a solar system, you can go off-grid

Not sure. It takes time to get into the grid fully, and even then, you need a lot of products in place to remain completely separated from the national network. If you want to be able to do this, you need a system that will produce 100% of your own energy – something that isn’t typically sustainable for the average household in Australia right now.

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