Livguard 10KW Solar Panel Price in India

Livguard 10KW Solar Panel

In this article, I am covering Livguard’s 10KW on-grid solar panel project to help you understand the pricing, components and power generation of a 10KW solar setup. We’ve also covered customers’ feedback to understand their experience of installing Livguard’s solar panels, their performance, efficiency and how it affects the electricity bill. Let’s start. Livguard 10KW … Read more

ALMM List 2024 – MNRE Approved Solar Companies

ALMM Approved Solar List

To reduce India’s dependency on solar product imports and make it self-reliant, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced that solar module manufacturers must register under the Approved list of modules and manufacturers (ALMM). The objective is to physically inspect the manufacturing unit, examine the actual manufacturing site, and assess the legitimacy of … Read more

Lead-acid Tubular Battery Vs Lithium-ion Battery

Lead Acid Vs Lithium

Solar panel projects have always used lead-acid tubular batteries, but in recent times, lithium-ionbatteries have become more popular in the market. In the coming times, it is possible that sales of lithium batteries may exceed lead-acid tubular batteries. In such a scenario, many people may wonder which battery to choose. Lead-acid Tubular or Lithium-ion? You … Read more