Lead-acid Tubular Battery Vs Lithium-ion Battery

Lead Acid Vs Lithium

Solar panel projects have always used lead-acid tubular batteries, but in recent times, lithium-ionbatteries have become more popular in the market. In the coming times, it is possible that sales of lithium batteries may exceed lead-acid tubular batteries. In such a scenario, many people may wonder which battery to choose. Lead-acid Tubular or Lithium-ion? You … Read more

Luminous Lithium Battery Price & Review – Luminous Li-ON 1250

Luminous 1250 Lithium Battery

Luminous has recently launched an integrated inverter battery model. The model is Luminous Li-On 1250 and the battery used in this model is a lithium-ion battery. This is Luminous India’s first lithium battery. In this article, We’ve reviewed the Luminous lithium battery – Li-On 1250 Lithium Verter. I’ve unboxed it and reviewed its design, features, … Read more