Luminous Solar Panels Review

The cost of electricity for both residential also as commercial is increasing due to which individuals are switching to solar power. So lately devices are made such they’re powered by solar energy.

Solar panels are getting used in number of homes, industries, schools etc to save lots of electricity.

Uses of Solar Panels

Solar panels are required for each device and systems that are Solar powered. There are many plants and buildings that are fully powered with solar panels. But the foremost common use that we see in our daily lives are solar water heaters, solar powered home inverters, street lights with individual solar panels etc.

Any device is often powered by a solar array. Within the day time, the solar panels will produce electricity and transfer that into the electricity grid via solar inverters. In the night, we get the electricity back from the electricity grid.

Since we are getting the electricity produced and transferred from our home plant, we don’t need to buy the electricity, as long as we are within the bounds of what we produced.

About Luminous

Luminous provides a good range of extremely innovative solar products with the foremost favourable choice of applications. It is known for providing the simplest solution to the purchasers being renowned as a worldwide powerhouse and is liked by many purchasers for solar panels and solar products.

With Luminous, we will be ensured of high-quality solar products with the foremost reliable and extensive features amid the foremost reliable customer services also.

It makes solar products like:

  1. Solar PV Panel
  2. Solar Inverters and UPS
  3. Solar Controller
  4. Retrofits
  5. Solar Batteries

Luminous provides BIS certified products, which suggests the products under its brand are tested under various conditions as per the govt norms and that we can purchase these products confidently. In these Luminous solar panels, the manufacturing warranty is 12 years and therefore the performance warranty is 25 years.

Luminous Solar Panels

Luminous offers 2 sorts of solar panels:

  1. Luminous Polycrystalline solar panels
  2. Luminous Monocrystalline solar panels

Luminous Polycrystalline Solar Panels


  • Provides excellent low light performance thanks to the presence of silicon crystals
  • Infused with the PID resistance technology
  • Advanced EVA encapsulation
  • Less expensive
  • Resilient to adverse weather
  • Perfect for Indian solar conditions

Luminous Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Solar Panel 370W / 24V Mono PERC


  • Has Advance EVA encapsulation
  • Provides excellent low light performance
  • Resilient to severe adverse weather

The Efficiency of Luminous Solar Panels

The efficiency of Mono panels is 2 – 2.5% above Poly panels. Mono perc panels also perform well in unfavourable conditions like low light conditions, and high ambient temperature as compared to poly panels.

Power, Output current, Voltages and Dimensions:

Mono perc panels are available with 370 W and Poly panels in 330 W. The size for both the panels are same. Thanks to being space efficient, Mono Perc panels are often installed in smaller capacities even in small roofs than poly panels.

These panels have Anti Pid technology that helps them in minimizing the facility loss which usually takes place within the solar array . This successively helps to extend the efficiency of the solar panels. It also features a multi-layer EVA encapsulation which provides better protection to those panels to stop them from having any loose ends and keeping them firm as well.

Both Luminous panels have a grade A solar cells which suggests that they trap the sun energy inside the panel and don’t allow it to reflect back. Due to this, these panels have the power to get 5% extra power.


Luminous is a well-known brand for the electronic products. Their solar power products have helped many companies and houses to modify to the solar energy and save electricity and therefore the bills too! 

They make high durability products and that we can depend on for higher efficiency. They even provide an entire solar energy system set for giant offices. Solar energy is the thing which goes to assist us in saving non-renewable energy sources and Luminous as a corporation is bringing us the simplest products.

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