Solar Savings! 75% Reduction in Electricity Bill After Installing Solar

Solar has penetrated remote parts of India. Indian villages and towns have embraced solar like never before. It won’t be long when every house in India will be powered by solar energy.

Recently, a house in Haryana got 75% reduction in electricity bill using solar energy.

Troubled with heavy power bills this man from Haryana adopts solar

For this man from Palam Vihar, district Gurgaon, Haryana high electricity bill was a constant worry. Most of his savings was getting used up towards this unnecessary expenditure. So he decided to convert his existing inverter to solar.

For this task he got in touch with a solar distributor. After carefully accessing his requirement the distributor installed solar charge controller to his old battery and inverter. His regular inverter now functions as a solar inverter by just installing a solar charge controller.

Technical Specifications:

  • 12V*500 watt solar panels
  • Solar Charge Controller 12-24V 20 Ampere

Huge savings with solar

It was a big surprise for the owner when he saw the reduction in his electricity bill. “He came to my shop and happily claimed that his electricity bill had reduced from Rs 1000 to Rs 250 per month,” said the distributor who installed solar charge controller.

During the day he cut off his mains supply and used solar energy to run 4 fans, entire lighting of his house and television. This way he reduced his energy consumption from the grid and ended up saving lots of money.

Owner decides to upgrade his solar system and reap more benefits

After realizing that solar is an investment and not expenditure, the owner has now decided to upgrade his system. With the new system he can easily run other electronic equipment like 3 coolers, washing machine and fridge.

Technical Specifications

  • 3.5 KVA inverter
  • 2000 watt solar panels
  • 4 batteries of 150Ah each

Want to go Solar? Contact a solar distributor

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