Why Is It Better To Install An Off Grid Solar System Instead Of A Generator?

When we need a backup solution for our homes in areas that are affected with frequent power cuts, we are often faced with the dilemma of whether to choose a Solar System or go in for a Diesel Generator set. If this is a situation you are facing, then you will find most of your answers in this article.


A generator is a machine! Like all machines it uses fuel like petrol or diesel or kerosene to run. It converts mechanical energy to electrical energy that we use at our houses. They are massive structures, require manual assistance for running the device and can run appliances for a long time.

An off grid solar system consists of solar panels, solar inverter and battery bank. Solar panels generate DC power. This DC power is then used to charge the batteries. The inverter utilizes this power to run appliances in our homes.  They can be of varying sizes but are compact as compared to generators and do not run on fuel. They simply convert one form of electrical power to another.

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4 Reasons Why Off Grid Solar System is Better than Diesel Generator


Diesel generators as compared to an off grid solar system can cost you a lot more since the generator itself is a costly system and using diesel as a fuel to run your appliances as compared to free solar power as source is a major factor of expense. A 10kva diesel generator uses 3 liters of fuel every hour – yes, you need to spend Rs.2000 eve hour on fuel to make the genset run! Solar, in comparison, is a one-time investment and costs a lot less.

The life of a DG set depends on the load running on it but can be approximately 20,000 hours which means the life of a DG set is primarily limited. Solar panels on the other hand have a guarantee of 25 years and above but if maintained will last you a life time.


Generators basically convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. This mechanical energy has to be manually induced. So when there is a power cut you need a person to manually start the generator, which takes time and effort. While in an inverter installed in the off grid system needs no manual induction. The changeover is automatic and nearly zero. With solar inverter, you wouldn’t even realise that there has been a power-cut.


Generators essentially being massive machines create a lot of noise. Even the so called silent ones are quite noisy if compared to off grid solar systems. Because generators are so noisy people prefer them to be kept far away but inverters and batteries installed in an off grid solar system can be installed right in our homes. They are practically noiseless.


Inverters in an off grid solar system use solar power to charge batteries or to provide supply at our homes whereas a generator needs fuel like petrol, diesel to work.

Needless to say there isn’t a debate between a generator and a solar system anymore, because installing a solar system in your home would reap much better results and save you tons of money in the long run. A large number of people are going solar every day, what are you waiting for? Go solar today!

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