Why All Schools & Offices in India Should Install Grid-tie Solar?

List of schools, colleges and offices gone solar and how much do they save?

Indiaย is on the brink ofย solar revolution.ย Petrol pumps, banks, colleges, offices, urban homes, hospitals, military camps and even entire villages are going solar. While in some cases going solar is an ethical choice for rest it is a need. However a strong case emerges for all educational institutes and office establishments in Indian cities โ€“ they … Read more

6 Things You Must Know About Solar Inverters in India

6 Things You Must Know About Solar Inverters in India

Inverters are a crucial part of any solar system installation โ€“ be it off-grid or on-grid. But there are many questions that surround them โ€“ how does a solar inverter work? why is solar inverter important? what types of solar inverters are there in the market? and how much does the solar inverter cost? This … Read more

How High Temperature Affects Tubular Battery Life & How To Overcome This Issue?

Do you know how High temperature affects Tubular battery life

Do you know that high temperature affects tubular battery life? Yes, you read it right. In summers, temperature in India crosses 40 degrees Celsius. You shouldnโ€™t only worry about keeping kids indoor and hydrating yourself frequently โ€“ there is something else in your house which needs your immediate attention. Your batteries which together with inverter power your house during power-cuts … Read more