Lead-acid Tubular Battery Vs Lithium-ion Battery

Lead Acid Vs Lithium

Solar panel projects have always used lead-acid tubular batteries, but in recent times, lithium-ionbatteries have become more popular in the market. In the coming times, it is possible that sales of lithium batteries may exceed lead-acid tubular batteries. In such a scenario, many people may wonder which battery to choose. Lead-acid Tubular or Lithium-ion? You … Read more

Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Battery is one of the fastest-growing battery brands in India. They’ve 40+ years of experience in the industry. Massimo brand is known to provide upto 100 months of warranty on some of their battery models. This makes Massimo one of the longest warranty providers in India. Massimo Battery Company History Massimo is a brand … Read more

Livguard Inverter Battery Review – Latest Price & Features

Livguard Inverter Battery

Livguard is an Indian brand that was started in 2014. The company is known to manufacture inverters, batteries, stabilizers, and much more. I recently purchased the Livguard inverter and battery for my personal use. Hence, sharing my experience along with the review, comparison, and the latest price of the products. Choosing an inverter and a … Read more

What is the Battery Management System & How it Works?

What is the Battery Management System & How it Works

Does the term ‘Battery Management System’ ring a bell? If you own a battery bank at your home or workplace then the battery management system is one thing you shouldn’t live without. The battery management system is a simple, compact and innovative product introduced by Su-Kam for the first time in India, solely manufactured for your batteries. … Read more