Best Solar Lights in India – Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for lights or lamps to fit in your garden? Then solar lights, also popularly known as solar lamps or solar lanterns can be a smart way to keep things exciting and attractive – without impacting your electricity bill.

Below are our top picks. These LED solar lights can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stake in the ground to brighten up your home, driveway, backyard, and more.

As solar lights rely on sunlight for power, they are sustainable and a great way to decorate your home for the upcoming season. The best solar lights operate well and are super attractive, making your home a beacon.

Solar lights should always be waterproof so they can stay outdoors in all weathers as well as have an automatic operation. Solar lights can be left to their own devices and will work to provide your garden with light, security, and attraction. They are a great addition to any modern home so you may want to consider getting some now before summer rolls around.

We’ve taken the time to research the highest customer-rated solar lights for your garden, so you don’t have to. Below are the pointers that you should look for before buying solar lights for your home.

Solar Light Buying Guide

Solar-powered lights can be incredibly beneficial devices for a wide range of outdoor landscapes. They do not rely on electricity or any other power source which is why they are so versatile and convenient to be used in your yard or garden.

Apart from providing some beauty to your garden space, solar lights can also be very useful and will provide a lot of illumination without costing you energy or money. There are a wide variety of solar-powered garden lights available on the market that all have different purposes.

Solar Lights For Garden

Solar Lights For Garden
Solar Lights For Garden

Solar lights such as the Sahibuy LED Solar Emergency Lantern, or the Hardoll Glass LED Light have been manufactured for aesthetics. These kinds of solar powered lights will have a low lumen level and are designed to look pretty in garden spaces. They are typically the most popular kind of solar-powered lights for outdoor spaces as they can really make the difference to your space.

During the summer, outdoor solar lights will make your garden, yard or other outdoor landscape inviting no matter how late or dark it is. If you want to keep the party going all night, this kind of solar light is best for you.

Solar Lights For Security

Solar Lights For Security
Solar Lights For Security

Solar lights don’t just have to be an attractive accessory. There are a great variety of lights available on the market that are manufactured to provide safe and secure illumination to dark spots. Outdoor solar lights such as the Quace Solar Security Lights are manufactured to provide you with illumination during the night. They can be secured on your front or back porch and are typically powered with motion sensors.

These lights will run without any energy charges, which is why they are great for family homes. Being secure doesn’t have to be expensive, and now everyone can have access to home security.

The Importance of LED

Solar-powered garden lights will absorb sunlight that will be used as power for their bulbs. In most cases, these lights rely on LED bulbs for bright and even illumination. LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes, are more efficient than standard bulbs which is why they are commonly used with solar power. The reason LED is better than standard bulbs is because they have more diodes.

The more diodes there are within a light fixture, the brighter the illumination. Solar power is a renewable energy source as it relies on natural sunlight to produce electricity or in this case illumination. In order to make outdoor solar lights as efficient and eco-friendly as possible, most manufacturers rely on LED bulbs. LED bulbs are very bright and are ideal for illuminating dark corners of outdoor landscapes.

Advantages of Solar Lights

The light and illumination industry is perhaps one of the biggest. Solar lights are becoming increasingly popular due to how sustainable they are and how cheap they are to run.

Solar-powered lights have a range of benefits for users, including:

  • They are easy to install and use as they typically run automatically
  • Environmentally friendly power source
  • Affordable outdoor lighting that doesn’t require electricity
  • Safe to install as no power chords are required
  • Water-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions

Solar-powered lights can provide great illumination, security, and brightness to a variety of outdoor spaces. Some of the solar lights can even operate as bright as electrically operated lamps, as long as they are installed correctly.

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Frequently Asked Question About Solar Lights – FAQs

Solar power is still a fairly new concept, there are a lot of misconceptions about solar which is why a lot of people may be uncertain about whether it is suitable for their garden.

We have already answered some of the most frequently asked questions about solar in India. Today, in this article, we will answer FAQs about solar-powered garden lights, so you can find the best ones for your home.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

The fact that solar lights do not rely on electricity, nor do they have any wires or power outlets is certainly confusing for a lot of consumers. However, once you strip it back, the operation really is quite simple and also genius for our eco-conscious times. Solar lights generate and store their own power during the day, in a similar manner to a satellite that is located in space.

  • This power that is stored is generated by direct sunlight which is why these kinds of lights may take a long time to charge.
  • The solar panels that are typically located at the top of garden lights can sense when the sun is shining and will use this as a clue to generate and store energy.
  • Once this light source has gone and night has fallen, solar lights will illuminate.

As they do not require electricity, power outlets or even wired solar-powered lights are ideal for use outdoors as they can provide just as much illumination as regular lamps, but without the hassle.

How To Install Outdoor Solar Lights (In-Ground)

Below is a short video that will give you all the information on how solar garden light works and how you can install them.

Outdoor lighting is not only a matter of security but can also add beauty and attraction to your home. Having bright lights around your yard can make your space feel safe and more inviting.

Nowadays, Almost everyone understands the importance of solar power. That’s why Schools, Offices, Petrol Pumps, Villages, all are going solar. Many families install solar lights to their front or back yards during the summer months so they can make the most out of the great outdoors no matter how late it gets.

In order to make the most out of your solar lights, you need to install them properly. Installing solar lights in your garden doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some focus and planning to ensure that they can absorb enough sunlight to be charged all night. A lot of solar lights throughout this review, such as the Tapetum Solar Pathway Garden Lights can simply be pierced and pushed in the soft ground of your front or back yard by hand.

These solar lights have a sharp base that is designed to be pushed into the earth. If you want to securely install solar lights elsewhere around your garden, you need to make sure to:

  • Drive the foundation stick of the solar light (or your own DIY version, which can be made from wood or metal) deep into the earth. The deeper this foundation is, the sturdier the lights will be
  • Make sure that your lights are located at even widths apart to provide total illumination across your garden. This also contributes to the aesthetics of solar garden lights
  • Angle the solar panels, so they are looking up to the sky, as they need to be able to absorb as much sunlight as possible to work well

How To Clean Solar Lights?

As most solar lights within our yards and gardens are water-resistant, they will typically be left outdoors most of the year. All of this time outdoors causes our solar lights to become muddy, dirty and potentially damaged. In order to keep your solar lights effective, you need to make sure you clean them regularly. Be mindful to remove any debris from the solar panel, which will impact their illumination. Cleaning the solar panel is actually incredibly easy:

  • Use a damp paper towel or washcloth to remove any dust
  • Wipe the surface to remove any grime
  • Warm water and dish soap can be used for tougher stains.

How To Fix Solar Lights?

When solar lights stop working, there are typically only two areas that need to be repaired:

  • The Light Fitting/Bulb: These can be easily pulled apart with a simple screw mechanism to change, alter or remove.
  • The Batteries: These can either be recharged if possible or may need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

Expert Advice

Solar-powered garden lights will get incredibly dirty over time, so regularly wipe and dust the panels to keep them working.

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