Free Solar Leads India – Residential & Commercial

If you’ve just started your solar business or already running a solar business but struggling to find customers who want solar products or services then you should consider getting solar leads from a reliable source.

Without a genuine source of solar leads, you may spend weeks, months, or even years chasing customers who want solar products.

SolarClap is a well-known brand in the Indian solar industry. We have partnered up with the top solar brands of India and promoted countless solar products. Some of the brands we’ve worked with are Luminous, Microtek, Smarten, Jakson, Loom Solar, Eastman, etc.

Sources of our Solar Leads

SolarClap community has over 5 Lakh followers and subscribers over multiple platforms such as website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Through this strong network, people from all over India contact us and want to buy solar products from us or from someone in our network. Hence, we are growing our network and connecting with solar dealers and installers from all over India to share these solar leads. Sometimes, we also get solar leads from other countries as well.

We share these solar leads with the solar dealers and installers of the same city as the customer. This helps in faster conversion.

How much do these Solar Leads Cost?

People usually run paid marketing campaigns to generate solar leads. They run these ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

However, We are a well-known brand in the solar industry and we create content in the form of articles or videos to generate these leads. Hence, the leads that we generate are completely organic. These are some of our loyal followers who trust us and want to buy from the dealers in our network.

What type of Solar Leads do we share?

These solar leads are both residential and commercial customers.

  • Residential Solar leads – These solar leads start from a single product requirement such as a solar panel, a solar inverter, or any other solar appliance. Some of our residential solar leads also ask for a solar power plant to power up their entire home and these can go upto 20KW.
  • Commercial Solar Leads – These solar leads are of people looking for solar power plants for their shops, clinics, schools, etc. These commercial solar leads range between 10KW-300KW.

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