Luminous Lithium Battery Price & Review – Luminous Li-ON 1250

Luminous has recently launched an integrated inverter battery model. The model is Luminous Li-On 1250 and the battery used in this model is a lithium-ion battery. This is Luminous India’s first lithium battery.

In this article, We’ve reviewed the Luminous lithium battery – Li-On 1250 Lithium Verter. I’ve unboxed it and reviewed its design, features, advantages and price.

Luminous Lithium Battery Technical Specifications:

  • Charging Capacity – 1100 VA
  • Peak Load – 800W
  • Lithium Battery Capacity – 100Ah
  • Lithium Battery Voltage – 12.8V
  • Sine wave Inverter
  • Eco mode & UPS mode

Luminous Lithium Battery Design:

Luminous Li-ON 1250 looks like a regular inverter from the outside but it is not just an inverter.

  • On the front, it has a power button along with a display.
  • On the back, it has a fuse, AC input wire, AC output socket, 2 fans and an MCB.

Besides these, there are no extra wires as there is no need to connect the battery. The size is very compact and space-saving.

Luminous Lithium Battery Features:

Below are the features of Luminous Li-ON 1250:

  • No acid means no acid spill or fear.
  • No toxic fumes mean completely safe to keep inside the house.
  • Zero maintenance.

Luminous Li-ON 1250 Lithium Battery Advantages:

  • More Life – Luminous Li-ON 1250 lithium battery has 3 times more life compared to a regular lead acid battery. While a lead battery last 3-4 years, this Luminous lithium battery can last upto 10 years.
  • Fast Charging – Luminous Li-ON 1250 lithium battery can be charged 3 times faster compared to a regular lead acid battery. A lead acid battery needs 8-10 hrs of current to get charged completely. however, this Luminous lithium battery gets charged in just 3-4 hours.
  • Better Backup – A lead acid battery’s backup goes down with its life but the backup of this Luminou lithium battery stays the same throughout its life.
  • More Efficient – The Luminous Li-ON 1250 has a 100Ah lithium battery but its efficiency is equivalent to a 150Ah lead acid battery.

Luminous Li-ON 1250 Lithium Battery Price & Warranty:

Luminous Li-ON 1250 lithium battery is priced at over Rs 50000 and has a warranty of 5 years on both, the inverter and the battery.

However, the price varies and keeps changing from state to state. Hence, we suggest you check the latest price by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, you can also contact a dealer near you.

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