UTL Solar Franchise – UTL Solar Shoppe

UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise Business

While starting a business we are insecure about our investment and also lack confidence as we don’t know much about that business. That’s why we wrote this article to give you information about a solar business in which your investment is safe.

And even if you don’t know much about this business, you will be first given guidance about it and then you will be helped set it up.

Who will do all this?

Read on to get the details…

About UTL Solar

UTL Solar

UTL is a big brand in India that is working for more than 25 years. They have 10 million+ happy consumers in India. This means more than 10 million people are using their products.

Their inverters are very popular. You might’ve heard about the UTL inverters. This is a big brand and very popular in India.

UTL Solar Franchise – UTL Solar Shoppe

UTL is giving you the opportunity to start a UTL solar shoppe franchise in your city.

Now, what does this mean?

Let us explain…

Do you know?

  • A brand manufactures the products and the consumer uses the products.
  • Also, there is a network of dealers and distributors that manages to deliver the products from the brand to the end-user.
  • This network is also responsible for giving the correct details about the products to the end users.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to be a part of this business by becoming a dealer or a distributor. However, they want to be part of a popular brand. That way they don’t have to struggle much as the brand is already popular and they can easily sell their products.

Customers might already know about the products of such big brands. Their dealers and distributors just have to provide the answers to customers’ queries and make the sale.

Hence, in our opinion, we think this is the best opportunity for you to be a part of such a big brand.

Benefits of UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise

Now the question is,

How is this opportunity safe as we told you at the beginning of the video?

UTL brand makes a few commitments to you, such as…

  • They will help you decorate the UTL solar shoppe.
  • They will help you in the promotion of your shoppe.
  • You will be trained in customer dealing, sales and marketing.
  • They will also train you on solar products and services.
  • They will also hire a trained engineer for you who will be trained in the sales, installation and servicing of solar products.
  • They will even give half the salary of that trained engineer.

We believe, now you know how great this opportunity is as the brand is making a lot of commitments to you.

Not only this.

The brand will also share the sales inquiries from your area with you. This means if a person from your area is trying to contact the brand for details on a product, his contact details will be shared with you so that you can provide the required information about the product and convert that person into a customer and earn a commission.

These are already some very strong commitments that the brand is making. Such a big brand is helping you set up everything related to the shoppe business.

What? Are you still not sure about investing?

Wait, read this last commitment by the brand –

UTL also claims that if you feel they are not keeping up with their commitments, you can take a complete refund of your investment by returning all the products within 90 days.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

And this is not something new. This concept of the UTL Shoppe Franchise is live for more than 4 years now and more than 500 people throughout India are part of this franchise.

Why You Should Choose UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise?

Such opportunities are very few and only available for a limited period of time and for a limited number of people.

Assume; you, your neighbour, and a guy from another lane apply for this opportunity. This doesn’t mean all 3 of you will get the franchise as this will be very competitive and no one will grow in sales.

Hence, most brands try to limit such networks to very few people. As far as UTL is concerned, they are limiting this network to 1 shoppe per city for now.

So anyone who gets this chance to open a UTL solar shoppe in his city will get also get the chance to deal with all the nearby customers.

This is a great opportunity as UTL is a well-known brand, it has a customer base and a wide range of products. All you have to do is encash this opportunity by becoming a part of this franchise.

What Products Are Available in UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise?

UTL brand works in the solar segment but that doesn’t mean they are only limited to solar products.

If we talk about products,

During summer, you get a wide range of solar products to sell such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, etc. The sale of these products reduces during winter.

UTL understands this and provides you with other products such as TV, geyser and washing machine. You can push the sales of these products during the festive season or winter season

As like we said UTL is a well-known brand, it has a customer base and a wide range of products. Hence, you don’t have to struggle much to sell their products.

How Much Investment Is Required To Get UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise?

Now comes the important part. You need to divide the investment into 2 parts –

  • The first is the franchise fee which is 2.36 Lakh. The franchise fee is what UTL charges you for the commitments that we mentioned earlier such as training and decoration
  • And the remaining is the cost of products that you need to add to the shoppe which is 6 Lakh. This 6 lakh amount will be recovered once you sell all the products.

How To Get The UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise Fee Back?

If you feel that 2.36 Lakh is also too much and you wouldn’t want to pay that fee. Let us tell you that you still have the chance to reclaim this fee.

No, we are not talking about the 90-day money-back guarantee again.

Get The UTL Solar Shoppe Franchise Fee Back

The brand gives you a period of 2 years.

  • If you make sales worth 25 lakh, you will get the 25% of your franchise fee back.
  • If you make sales worth 50 lakh, you will get the 55% of your franchise fee back.
  • If you make sales worth 75 lakh, you will get the 75% of your franchise fee back.
  • If you want 100% of your franchise fee, make sales worth 1 crore and get 100% of your franchisee fee back.


Customers don’t buy directly from the brands. There is a network of dealers and distributors to fill this gap.

UTL is building up this network and we are suggesting you be a part of it. You will get all the support from the brand.

Visit the UTL Solar website and fill out the form with some basic details along with the city you want the shoppe franchise for and the brand will contact you.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family members as someone in your connections might be interested in this or maybe your neighbour might be trying to get this opportunity. 😉

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