Solar Street Light – Price, Advantages & Disadvantages

While growing up, we all have seen street lights. They run on electricity from grid. But as time is changing and solar energy is getting generalized, solar street lights are getting popular day by day.

Solar street light has a solar panel, a battery and an automatic system that turns it on during the night and off during the day.

If you do not know about solar street lights, then today in this post we are going to give you complete information about what solar street lights are, where it is used and how it works and if you want to install solar street lights in your house then how much will it cost.

What is Solar Street Light?

If you talk about what is a solar street light, then solar street light is an automatic light powered by solar panels and batteries, this light is mounted on top of a pole and the size of the pole depends on you according to how much height you need the light above that the height of the pole is the height of the pole and the battery is mounted on top of the pole itself. and there is a light on the side of the battery and there is a solar panel on the topmost part of the pole, so when the sun comes out in the daytime, the solar panel keeps charging the battery.

When the light is needed at night time, the light is automatically turned on and the power from the battery continues to be used and as soon as the time of the day is over, the light is automatically turned off and after the sun comes out, the solar panels start making the light and the battery starts charging. So hopefully you know what solar street lights are and how it works, so let’s talk about which components it has and which component works.

Components of Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are made up of many types of components such as solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers, led lights and poles.

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Solar Battery
  3. Solar charge controller
  4. LED Light
  5. LDR Sensor
  6. Pole

1. Solar Panel

About solar panels, you will know what solar panels work. solar street lights use monocrystalline type solar panels and the size of the solar panels depends on the capacity of the battery of the street light and the solar charge controller. inside is the use of solar panels ranging from 50 to 100 watts and large size solar panels are used in large street lights

2. Solar Battery

If you have visited our website on the top of the post with solar batteries, then you must know that there we mentioned about the battery from 20 to 75Ah, then the batteries which are smaller than 100Ah are used in the same way in street lights or electric appliances, then similarly, 40 Ah battery is used in this street light. More large street lights use more Ah batteries

3. Solar Charge Controller

if you have a solar system installed in your house then you will definitely know about the solar charge controller, the work of a solar charge controller is to take the electricity from the solar panel and deliver it to the battery and there is also some safety with the solar charge controller such as stabilizing less light. the solar charge controller is inbuilt in the street light with

4. LED Light

You must be aware of the led light which works to give light inside the street light, it is the led light, it also depends on the size of how much size your led light is like 9 watt, 12 watt, 15 watt, 18 watt, 24 watts in this way, according to the size of the led you need, you can choose the led according to the size of the led you to need.

5. LDR Sensor

The full name of the LDR sensor is Light–Dependent Resistor Sensor and it is this sensor that turns the LED light on at night and turns off in the daytime. It is an automatic sensor and this LED sensor is inbuilt inside the LED light.

6. Pole

A pole is a long-sized iron or gi pipe on which all these things are mounted and its height depends on you how much height you have to put on the light and how much you have to put a solar panel on top of it, then you can choose the pole according to the height you need.

Solar Street Light Price in India

The price of solar street light ranges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 or more. The rating of solar street lights ranges from 9 watts to 60 watts. The price of most solar street lights generally depends on the rating of solar panels, LED lights, solar batteries, inverters and poles, brand, quality, etc.

S.No.ModelPanel CapacityBattery CapacityCharge ControllerSpace RequiredPrice
1.9w Solar Street Light50 Wp40 AH12v inbuilt1 square meterRs. 11,000
2.12w Solar Street Light50 Wp40 AH12v inbuilt1 square meterRs. 13,000
3.15w Solar Street Light75 Wp60 AH12v inbuilt2 square meterRs. 15,000
4.18w Solar Street Light75 Wp60 AH12v inbuilt2 square meterRs. 17,000
5.24w Solar Street Light100 Wp60 AH12v inbuilt1 square meterRs. 21,000

Advantages of Using Solar Street Lights

  • Solar street light is absolutely grid-free i.e. it does not require any light because it runs from solar panels.
  • Solar street lights require much less maintenance than conventional street lights.
  • Because it is from solar panels and solar batteries that give DC light, it does not risk external wires and accidents
  • The electricity generated from solar panels is non-polluting.
  • Solar street lights are also easy to install, different parts of the solar street light can be easily moved.
  • The cost of the grid can be saved from solar street lights.

Disadvantages of Using Solar Street Lights

  • Solar street lights will require more money than conventional street lights.
  • Due to the high cost of components, the risk of theft is high.
  • Dust mites with moisture if can accumulate on PV-panels and solar panels can reduce the power formation.
  • There is a rechargeable battery inside the solar street light, which has to be changed sometime or the other, in the same way, all the components will be damaged at some point of time, so the cost of maintenance will be more.

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