BIS Certified Solar Panels – BIS Approved

BIS Certified Solar Panels – Complete Guide

BIS certification stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards and it is a means for providing a third-party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. The presence of a BIS Standard Mark on a product is an assurance of conformity of the product to the requirements of Indian Standard Specifications.

Is BIS certification mandatory for solar panels?

BIS certification scheme is basically voluntary in nature. However, for a number of products compliance with Indian Standards is made compulsory by the Central Government. Solar Panels are one of them. In 2019, MNRE made it mandatory for the manufacturers to obtain BIS certification for solar cells, modules and inverters. Though, there are some exceptions.

How to check if a solar panel is BIS certified?

In order to check if a solar panel is BIS certified, you can find the BIS logo along with the tests done and a registration number on the solar panel cover and also on the sticker on the backside of the solar panel. See the image below for reference.

BIS Certified Logo on a Solar Panel Cover
BIS Certified Logo on a Solar Panel Cover

How to verify the BIS details?

In order to verify if the BIS details are correct, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the BIS website.
  2. Fill the registration number under the “Status of Licence” tab.
  3. Fill up the captcha.
  4. Click on “Generate Report”.

You’ll get the details as shown in the image below.

BIS Certification Check Report
BIS Certification Check Report

From this report, you can check the firm name and address, details of the tests done, validity date of the certification, Brand name and the product for which the BIS certification is obtained.

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