Livguard Inverter Battery Review – Latest Price & Features

Livguard Inverter Battery Review Video in Hindi

Livguard is an Indian brand that was started in 2014. The company is known to manufacture inverters, batteries, stabilizers, and much more.

I recently purchased the Livguard inverter and battery for my personal use. Hence, sharing my experience along with the review, comparison, and the latest price of the products.

Choosing an inverter and a battery for your home can be very difficult if you don’t know what to look for. I’ve explained in the video certain factors that you can consider while choosing an inverter and a battery.

Livguard Inverter Review


  • AI Technology
  • Manual Battery Selector Switch
  • Dual-Sensor Thermal Protection

Livguard Inverter Warranty

24 Months.

Livguard Inverter Price

Around Rs 4300 (Model: LGS 1100).

Livguard Battery


  • SuperTUFF 3D Grid
  • High Backup Charge Retainer

Livguard Battery Warranty

54 Months.

Livguard Battery Price

Around Rs 12300 (IT 1554TT).

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