Loom Solar AC Module Review 2024

Loom solar launched India’s first Solar AC Module in 2019. Since then it is the most talked-about solar panel. For those who don’t know, AC Solar Panel lets you run your home appliances such as Air Conditioner, Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Air-cooler during the day time directly from solar without Inverter and Batteries.

Loom Solar AC Module – Price & Review Video

If you are also planning to install solar panels at your home and considering Loom Solar’s AC module an option then wait! You should check out our detailed guide on Loom Solar AC Module.

We have covered some of the frequently asked questions on the Loom Solar AC Module.

let’s begin.

What is an AC Solar Module?

Normal solar panels generate DC current when exposed to sunlight. This DC current then gets converted to AC current by your home inverter and then it is forwarded to your home appliances.

Note: DC to AC conversion is necessary as your regular home appliances only run on AC current.

An AC Solar Module converts DC current into AC with the help of an additional micro-inverter which is attached at its backside. Since this micro-inverter is connected to the solar panel, this means that the DC current is getting converted to AC current at the panel level. Hence, these types of panels are known as AC Solar Modules as they are generating AC current.

How Loom Solar AC Module Works?

Loom Solar AC Module
Loom Solar AC Module

In the same way, as we mentioned in the above paragraph, Loom Solar AC Module has a micro-inverter connected to it which converts DC current to AC.

The micro-inverter that Loom Solar uses is from the company named Enphase Energy. Enphase is a popular brand headquartered in California, USA and has offices in 8 other countries including India.

Advantages of Loom Solar AC Module

  • It is built on Monocrystalline Solar Panels which is considered a superior quality of solar panels.
  • You can increase the unlimited number of solar panels without switching to a high power inverter.
  • It comes with IoT Technology-based micro-inverter.
  • Parallel Connection of Panels lets them work independently.

Disadvantages of Loom Solar AC Module

  • Loom Solar AC Module does not work during a power failure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Loom Solar AC Module – FAQs

Can Loom Solar AC Module be used with an On-grid connection?

Yes, the Loom Solar AC module can be used with both On-grid as well as Off-grid connections.

Can I run an Air conditioner on Loom Solar AC Module?

Yes, You can run any home appliances on Loom Solar AC Module depending on the wattage required and the number of solar panels installed.

What is the warranty on Loom Solar AC Module?

25 Years Warranty.

How to install Loom Solar AC Module?

Loom Solar AC Module Installation Diagram

When you purchase an AC module from Loom Solar, the Loom Solar team will visit your property and they will install and set up the complete system for you. You can also watch the video from the beginning of this post to understand the Loom Solar AC Module installation.

You can also read our detailed guide on the 9 most asked questions about solar installation.

Loom Solar AC Module Price

Loom Solar 375 watt mono panel AC Module

Rs 28000

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