Luminous Solar Panels Price in India 2024

Looking for the latest Luminous solar panels price in India? Sure you are. After all, they are highly efficient Solar panels for solar power generation which come at the best price with IEC certification and 25 years performance warranty. Luminous Solar panels are made from a block of silicon, consisting of a large number of crystals.

Luminous solar panels installation and review

Luminous has both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels. The price of a luminous solar panel will always vary with what capacity of the panel you are buying. In Luminous, you get 10 watts, 20 watts, 40 watts, 60 watts, 75 watts, 100 watts, 125 watts, 150 watts, 165 watts, 200 watts, 270 watts, 335-watt solar panel. The price range of Luminous solar panels varies from INR 35-INR 65 per watt.

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Luminous Mono Solar Panels Price List

Monocrystalline cells are a slice cut from a single crystal of silicon. In appearance, these panels have a smooth texture and the thickness of the slice is clearly visible. The cells are expensive to produce.

Solar Panel ModelPrice (INR)
Solar Panel 10W / 12V MonoRs 1198
Solar Panel 20W / 12V MonoRs 2144
Solar Panel 40W / 12V MonoRs 3699
Solar Panel 60W / 12V MonoRs 5551
Solar Panel 75W / 12V MonoRs 6930
Solar Panel 100W / 12V MonoRs 9222
Solar Panel 125W / 12V MonoRs 11526
Solar Panel 150W / 12V MonoRs 14320

Luminous Poly Solar Panels Price List

Polycrystalline cells are a slice cut from a block of silicon, consisting of a number of crystals. They have a speckled reflective appearance and the thickness of the slice is clearly visible. The cells are less expensive to produce and more suited for Indian solar conditions.

Solar Panel ModelPrice (INR)
Solar Panel 10W / 12V PolyRs 1168
Solar Panel 40W / 12V PolyRs 2420
Solar Panel 60W / 12V PolyRs 3350
Solar Panel 75W / 12V PolyRs 3850
Solar Panel 125W / 12V PolyRs 10490
Solar Panel 150W / 12V PolyRs 11040
Solar Panel 165W / 12V PolyRs 11840
Solar Panel 200W / 12V PolyRs 13320
Solar Panel 200W / 24V PolyRs 14768
Solar Panel 270W / 24V PolyRs 19980
Solar Panel 325W / 24V PolyRs 24050

What are the Top Features of Luminous Solar Panels?

  • Advanced EVA encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • Best in Class conversion efficiency
  • Anti-reflective coating for more light absorption
  • Optically, mechanically and electrically tested
  • High strength Aluminium frame design to offer high torsion resistance
  • Compliance to IEC standards
  • PID resistance Technology (Potential-Induced Degradation) for safety against substantial power loss due to stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions
  • Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning
  • The use of high-quality glass and solar cell surface coating allows for excellent performance even in low-light conditions on cloudy days, mornings and evenings.

What are the Advantages of Luminous Solar Panels?

  • 25 years performance warranty
  • More light absorption
  • Aluminium frame reduces resistance and thus improves cell efficiency
  • Safe, reliable and good quality Product  

Where To Buy Luminous Solar Panels From?

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