Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Battery is one of the fastest-growing battery brands in India. They’ve 40+ years of experience in the industry.

Massimo brand is known to provide upto 100 months of warranty on some of their battery models. This makes Massimo one of the longest warranty providers in India.

Massimo Battery Company History

Massimo is a brand of Mittal Batteries Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Deepak Mittal started a spare part retail outlet in Vijayawada in 1980. Later he moved on to manufacturing.

Initially, he started a small unit for manufacturing containers but later moved on to full-scale manufacturing of lead-acid batteries. In 2013, Mittal Batteries launched its brand “Massimo”.

In 2019, They started expanding their business to the global market. At present, they not only sell their batteries in India but also export to other countries such as Mauritania, Bangladesh, Yemen, Tanzania, Turkey, etc.

Massimo Battery Product Range

Massimo Brand deals in tubular batteries, solar batteries, bike batteries and SMF batteries.

1. Massimo Tubular Batteries

Massimo Tubular batteries range from 100Ah to 300Ah in both jumbo tubular and tall tubular containers and come with 6-8 years of life or upto 1200+ cycles.

2. Massimo Solar Batteries

Massimo Solar batteries range from 40Ah to 200Ah. These solar batteries are C10 capacity rating and come with upto 100 months of warranty or upto 1500+ cycles.

3. Massimo Motorcycle Batteries

Massimo Motorcycle batteries range from 2.5Ah to 9Ah. These bike batteries are manufactured with specially designed narrow rib grids with thick AGM separators, imported from Japan to provide a longer life cycle on Indian road conditions.

4. Massimo VRLA (SMF) Batteries

Massimo SMF batteries range from 7.2 Ah to 12 Ah and in higher capacities from 100 Ah to 220 Ah. These SMF Batteries are suited to varied applications of standby power needs- UPS, emergency lights, solar lanterns, alarm & security systems, railway communication, money cash register, Solar lanterns and systems, etc.

Massimo Battery Review

Massimo Batteries is a prominent manufacturer and supplier in the industry, engaged in offering a wide assortment of types of Tubular Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Solar Batteries, and SMF VRLA Batteries.

In the video below, we’ve reviewed the Massimo battery live and talked about different parameters such as price, features, warranty, etc.


With an incredible experience of 40+ years in the industry, Massimo is manufacturing good-quality batteries. Their batteries are very low maintenance and last more than 100 months.

If you are planning to buy a Massimo battery for your requirement, do get in touch with one of their distributor for more details.

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